Welcome buyers and sellers,
I specialize in North Carolina hotel real estate. Selling hotels, motels, inns, Mom & Pop, Lifestyle, Beach motels, Mountain motels, Independent or Franchised properties from 20 to 75 units as an independant Broker/Agent.

Specializing in smaller hospitality properties allows me to work with the property type I know best.  I have been an owners or partner in four different types of motel properties from business to tourists  all under 75 units. I have first hand knowledge of operating a motel property and have had several years of motel sales experience.

This specialized effort also works for our buyers. You can call on a given property or we can locate a non listed property for you.
If you are looking for the best available  motels for sale or need our experience to assist you as you buy an inn, contact me to get started. 

Buying or selling is time consuming and costly. Let me keep your time and cost at a minimum.

I am available and look forward to working with you to reach your buying or selling goals.

Larry Willoughby, Broker/Agent

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