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As a Real Estate Broker I specialize in hospitality property sales in North Carolina, selling smaller properties including  tourist hotel real estate. Selling hotels, motels, inns, mom & pop, beach motels, mountain motels, independent and franchised properties from 20 to 75 units.

I believe a sales person should know his product and mine is small to medium sized hospitality properties; hotels, motels and inns. I have first hand knowledge and experience operating these types of  properties and have had several years of successful motel sales experience selling 85% of the properties I represented.

Sellers, I am prepared, knowledgeable and experienced in selling hospitality property and will not waste your time.  Selling hospitality real estate is expenses and time consuming. If I can not sell your property in your location or at a given price I will tell you up front. 

Buyers, if you are looking for the best motels for sale or need assistance in buy an inn, call me. I will provide you with the proper information to keep your time and cost at a minimum.

I am available and look forward to working with you to reach your buying or selling goals.

Larry Willoughby, Hospitality Broker

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